Grupo Sur

Grupo SurThis alliance of European NGOs was created in the middle of the 1990s with the purpose of opening spaces for dialogue and collaboration with networks and organisations from the South, in the framework of a common struggle against the exclusions provoked by the current globalisation process. The alliance set itself two goals: firstly, to improve the cooperation of public institutions, the European Union and the national, regional and local governments of Europe; secondly, to carry out sensibilisation activities in our countries with the aim of spreading the spirit of solidarity to the whole of society and increasing citizens’ participation.

The Declaration of Rome -the charter of Grupo Sur-, with its philosophical and moral principles linked with peace, social justice, democracy and sustainable human development, is the source of inspiration and ethical code of our cooperation and sensibilisation activities.

Grupo Sur defends a Development Cooperation committed to the objectives of the Millennium Summit, which quickly advances towards the achievement of the 0,7 of the gross national income for ODA. That is, a  European Cooperation not connected to or dependent from the commercial and/or political interests of the external action of the governments of the European Union, completely autonomous and based on legal documents that guarantee coherence between financial resources, objectives and strategies.

The member organizations of Grupo Sur are:

* Cooperacció (
* ACSUR-Las Segovias (
* Terre des Hommes (
* OXFAM-Solidarité (
* ASTM (
* GVC (
* Movimondo (
* Mundubat (