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    1. In Central America we provide peasant families with resources, skills and qualifications, in an experience that we call Popular Economies and Citizens’ Participation.
    2. In the Saharawi refugee camps of Tinduf, as well as in those in Colombia and Palestine, we work on development proposals in the areas of open conflict; in addition we support the political, social and economic demands of those communities, and the processes that demand the respect for Human Rights.
    3. In Chiapas (Mexico) and Cuba we search for agricultural alternatives that will generate a higher income, and an economy that will improve quality of life in the poorest areas.
    4. In Brazil we accompany movements and social organizations in their quest for alternatives in order to achieve Food and Energy Sovereignty, driving co-operation between the countryside and the cities and integrating city and country women in our proposals and think-tank process.
    5. In each geographical area of work we help, empower and strengthen producing families, organisations and social movements.
    6. We participate with and support our Counterparts or local partners in the regional processes of organised and structured resistance against neoliberal economic and social measures.
    7.  We try to strengthen the coordination structures of different social and non-governmental organisations with the aim of carrying out a political negotiation, as well as improving and increasing the lines of work and political effect.
    8. In the North we want to participate more actively with the social, local, municipal movements. We want to help and support them, giving them resources in order to carry out actions that strengthen the presence of critical and alternative movements -by means of alliances and networks-.
    9. We have made a commitment to show the realities of the South, condemning the structural causes of poverty and social exclusion, and proposing measures to change the present world order.
    10. We are fighting for an active civilian society with a critical attitude, a society which exerts pressure on governments and power structures, which agrees on economic and social policies to redistribute wealth, and which fills all aspects of life with a democratising spirit.