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The Mundubat Foundation has spent over 30 years working to transform a world in which, increasingly, the few take advantage of the inequality of the many. As well as focusing on the Basque Country and other regions of Spain, we also work with several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Palestine and three African countries: Western Sahara, Senegal and Mali. Our efforts are focused on four different areas: human rights, food sovereignty, gender and social action.


In the field of human rights, we work to defend human rights defenders. We promote and protect the work of human rights activists and organisations who suffer constant threats and attacks as a result of their work. We also denounce the plundering of natural resources carried out with impunity by the countries of the global north in the countries of the global south.


Mundubat uses ‘purple glasses’ in everything that it does, as a means of revealing and deconstructing social structures and events that generate inequality.

We work to foster a feminist economy that places reproductive and care work at the centre and which constructs new value paradigms as an alternative to a global society in which fewer and fewer spaces and relationships remain outside the capitalist market. We also work to ensure that all women can live lives free from violence and participate politically on an equal footing with men.


Food sovereignty refers to the capacity of peoples and nations to determine their own food and production system, with food that is accessible and produced in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner. Mundubat supports peasant organisations in the countries in which it works, standing by them as they fight for their right to access land, be recognised as political subjects, be self-sufficient and cultivate the land using agro-environmental techniques.


Alongside the Gallarta voluntary group, Mundubat manages the Martin Etxea shelter in the village of Gallarta (Basque Country). The aim is to provide material and social support to people and families who have been forced to migrate, and to provide specific protection to individuals and groups who work in the field of human rights and strive to transform the global model, and who are directly persecuted as a result.

By supporting Mundubat, you contribute to a world where all human beings have all human rights