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One of our main working areas consists of defending, promoting and protecting human rights.

We aspire to overcome the classic human rights approach, as we support a critical and liberating perspective. We believe there is a passive universalism regarding human rights that needs to be changed. This is why we promote a more complex view that respects the diversity of each context.

We criticize the bourgeois liberalism perspective of human rights, which almost gives exclusivity to institutions to protect, promote and defend rights. Institutions are also thought as the main to interpret regulations and solve conflicts. Given this scenario, Mundubat works to ensure human rights defenders play a leading role in those processes.

We support emancipation processes, upholding their fight for a decent life, and unfolding social, cultural, political and economic conditions that may interfere in human rights enjoyment.


Keeping that context in mind, we work in three main areas:

We support movements, social organisations and individuals that fight for human rights. We address needs created by the vulnerabilities those organisations suffer for defending an alternative social, economic and political model (peasants, indigenous, afro-descendants, organisations under occupation…).

  • We support grassroots resistance processes. We also join initiatives for peace-building in conflict zones.
  • We support collective efforts demanding truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence in peace-building contexts.
  • We alleviate and denounce the consequences of conflict and occupation situations over human rights enjoyment.

We promote adoption, protection and promotion of peasants’ rights at an international level and all the territories we work in. In order to do that, we work side by side with Via Campesina and some of its members.

We develop researches about the negative effect transnational corporations’ work has over human rights. We also work side by side with grassroots organisations to help spread their demands and protests in regards to this issue.