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Mundubat addresses all social injustices from a feminist approach. Our goal is to change all power inequalities produced by several systems of oppression (patriarchy, capitalism, heteronormativity and racism). Those relationships are based on discrimination and domination of some social groups over others, gender being always a cross-cutting issue. In conclusion, women are part of all oppressed social groups.

In order to understand and work within those systems of domination from a feminist perspective, Mundubat prioritises supporting women who demand their rights and denounce gender, social, ethnic or sexual orientation discriminations.

Apart from the specific work we do from our Gender and Feminism Department, we apply a gender approach in all our actions. We support women’s liberation from the historic discrimination and violence they suffer. We promote empowerment and autonomy so that women can develop on an equal footing with men. We defend a real exercise of their fundamental rights and liberties.

We work in three main areas:

Feminist economics acknowledges that care and reproductive labour, historically performed by women and essential to allow productive labour. This notion demands a change of the economic and social paradigm that ensures life sustainability and Good Living for all human beings. Market is displaced from the centre of human relations.

This concept demonstrates women suffer several types of violence (physical, psychological, economic, social and cultural) solely because of being women. It identifies and eradicates that violence, which is often normalised by a political and legal system built from a hegemonic power that take men as subjects of rights.

It addresses the underrepresentation of women in all power and decision-making spaces, from a feminist view of the democratic governance, which acknowledges women as first-class citizens with an agenda to transform power structures.