Mundubat´s presence in Cuba

CubaAfter working in Central America we moved on to this island. Our activities focus on three main objectives: to improve the productive capacities of the agricultural and livestock sector; to achieve a comprehensive rural development; and lastly, to improve the habitat.

These areas of activity are not only the result of the reflections on the reality that we have seen; most importantly, they are the outcome of a joint reflection carried out with all the people, organisations and institutions Mundubat has worked with in the island since 1996.

CubaThe island’s main asset is the human and professional quality of its population. This is, in turn, the consequence of an excellent educational and training system. If Cuba had not adequately promoted and used its human and professional resources, it would not have been able to handle the acute economic crisis of the latest years as it has.

Our goal is to further improve the heritage constituted by the human resources trained in Cuba, within the context of the South-South cooperation activities carried out at a regional level.

Context of activity

CubaThe blockade that the United States have maintained on Cuba for the last 40 years has seriously affected all the economic activities of the island, resulting in direct and indirect losses estimated at more than 121,000 million $. The suffering of the population is impossible to calculate. The main effects of the blockade are:

– Exclusion from a major part of world commerce;
– Damage to the basic industry, agriculture, tourism and health;
– Technological dependence and the need of external resources;
– Increase of external debt and the reduction of international aid;
– Exclusion from decision-making in matters of regional and international politics.

Added to that, the price of sugar has dropped as a consequence of the fall in the price of raw materials worldwide; this has provoked a productive crisis.

The dollarisation of economy involves that many sectors of the population do not have access to the dollar’s market.

Mundubat´s lines of work

CubaOur objective in Cuba is to develop cooperation projects and to help our local counterparts strengthen their capacity to manage these projects.

The priorities in Comprehensive Rural Development projects are: solving problems to do with water, energy, production, housing, community infrastructure, employment for women, etc. For instance, the seed production program for pasture improvement has been very important, since it has allowed us to know about a basic element of livestock production.

Food security projects and projects for the rehabilitation of communal services: cultural centres, children’s circles, surgeries, social circles, etc.


CubaACPA (Asociación Cubana de Producción Animal)

CIERIC (Centro de intercambio y referencia sobre iniciativas comunitarias)

Oficina de Cooperación Internacional de la Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad

Poder Popular, Municipio Guanajay

ANAP (Asociación Nacional de Agricultores Pequeños)

Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales del Poder Popular de Provincia Habana

FMC (Federación de Mujeres Cubanas)

Grupo Agroindustrial-Arroyo Naranjo

Cátedra de la Mujer-Universidad de La Habana

Poder Popular de Palmira, Cienfuegos