Actions in the North

Our objective in the North is to bring closer the reality of the countries where we work on development cooperation; to promote a culture of new values based on solidarity and the active commitment to change the international order; and to contribute to the creation of practical networks of solidarity, acting as intermediaries between social agents from the North and the South.

In order to achieve those goals we join forces with other NGOs and social movements from Spain and Europe; we always contribute the “Southern view” to education, development and Human Rights; we also try to include the perspective of gender in all our actions and materials, and we work with teachers, feminist groups, environmentalists, trade unions etc. to spread the impact of our actions.

Those strategic duties are performed through the following activities:

  • Coordination with other groups and network activities to strengthen the social fabric and the alliances of solidarity.
  • Publication of documents documents and  various materials.
  • Sensibilisation of the general public by means of talks, debates, exhibitions and media coverage.