Mundubat -“one world” in the Basque language- is a Development Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

Since 1988 we have been collaborating with men and women, associations and communities from the South in their fight for development and social transformation. With our solidarity and ethical support -also in the North- we want to contribute to the defence of Human Rights and to sustainable human development in both hemispheres.

The Foundation Mundubat is governed by some Statutes that define it as a non-confessional and non-profit making organisation with no dependence on or link of any kind with political parties, trade unions, churches or other political or religious organisations. Its participatory nature is reflected in the Organisation Chart, which states that the Government Organ or Board of Governors must be backed up and advised by the Members’ Committee. The Board of Governors ensures that the human and financial resources are managed with the due efficiency, severity and transparency. In addition, the Board of Governors designs the Networks and alliances policy, a basic element in our co-operative work.

Mundubat bandera mail

Mundubat bandera mail

Mundubat was born in1988 under the name Paz y Tercer Mundo-Hirugarren Mundua ta Bakeaundubat Click on the image to watch the spot

Mundubat, in short

Establishment date: 1988 (Association); 2002 (Foundation).
Fiscal Identification Number: G95204160.
Declared as public utility service in 1998.
European Solidarity Award in 1998.
Approximate No. of members and collaborators: 4,000.
Offices: Brazil; Colombia; Cuba; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Palestine; Madrid; Araba; Gipuzkoa; Navarra; Aragon; Cantabria; and Bilbao-Bizkaia (headquarters).
Countries where it works: Brazil; Colombia; Cuba; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Western Sahara; Palestine; Mozambique: Bolivia.