Politica de género

Politica de género

As we go about our work of co-operation, awareness-raising and education for development, our commitment to building a more just and equitative society makes us question the dominant development model and call for equitative human development that respects men’s and women’s human rights and takes into account their interests and needs.  Mundubat has chosen to bring the Gender in Development approach into its co-operation work. This approach involves the need to define, with active participation by women, a new development model that subverts the current power relationships between men and women.

To this end we have set ourselves two strategic lines of working: on the one hand, making the gender perspective a transversal element of our projects and programmes; and on the other, specific actions aimed at promoting women’s empowerment. We are also committed to having as a strategic partner a feminist and/or women’s organization in each of the countries where we work. In addition, we have formed alliances with the feminist movement, in the South and in the North. Mundubat took part in the World March of Women in Euskal Herria and joined the 25th November & 8th March Feminist Co-ordinating Organization of Bizkaia.

imagen-006-181x227x80Thanks to this involvement Mundubat has a Gender Policy that comes under the General Strategy 2006-2009, and embodies our firm commitment to working for gender equity within and without the organization.

Working for sustainable, equitative human development implies transversalizing gender equity – not just in the programmes and projects we carry out, but also within our own organization, by bringing about changes in our organizational structure, processes and culture. To this end, we have initiated a process of pro-equity organizational change, aimed at building an organizational gender strategy to eradicate the production of gender inequalities, both within the organization and in our external relations.

Assimilating feminist principles and values into our organizational functioning, and into our co-operation, awareness-raising and education for development, has become an inspirational challenge for Mundubat. We know the road is long and fraught with difficulties; but we also know this is the only way we shall be able to help build a more just and equitative world that upholds every person’s rights.

Mundubat Gender Policy (PDF)