Mundubat´s presence in Palestina


Today, Palestinians are still foreigners in their own land because the State of Israel refuses to give them the chance to create their own free and sovereign State. About three million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip and Cisjordan and one million in Israel, and more than six millions in refugee camps. They keep demanding their legitimate right to decide freely on their future.

However, Israel is backed by the USA and this allows the country to blatantly ignore the resolutions of the United Nations, who on repeated occasions (35) have demanded that Israel should withdraw to the borders of 1967 and dismantle the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.


After the 11th of September 2001, Ariel Sharon’s government started a military offensive with the purpose of definitely destroying the economic, social and political bases of Palestinian society.

Nevertheless, fifty years of occupation, military aggressions, violations of the United Nations resolutions, complete control of economic resources, violations of Human Rights and systematic repression have not managed to crush this people, who have got used to the breaching of their most elemental rights: the right to life, to health, to education, to housing, to free movement, to work, etc.

Context of activity


n such a tragic and discouraging outlook, Mundubat considers it a matter of justice to offer its support and solidarity to a people the international community keeps ignoring systematically. The closure policy imposed upon the Territories by the State of Israel since September 2000 and the indiscriminate use of violence against civilians is provoking a humanitarian crisis among the Palestinians. This situation makes it difficult to establish long-term strategies; for this reason, our work in Palestine has mainly consisted in providing emergency aid and helping to meet the most basic needs of the population.

However, as our team has slowly settled in and our bonds with the counterparts have become stronger, we have managed to extend our activities to other cooperation areas. In that sense, we want to broaden our range of actions while keeping similar goals; we are laying particular emphasis on sensibilisation and Human Rights issues, and supporting any initiative that may contribute to the national development of the Palestinian people.

Mundubat´s lines of work


Human Rights: We protect the victims and condemn war crimes, supporting the programs of the Palestinian-Israeli organisation Alternative Information Center (AIC), which promotes dialogue between the two communities.

Health: We carry out programmes aimed at providing clinics with electric generators, water tanks, equipment and medicines. In addition we have launched programs of psychosocial support for children who have been victims of violence, for disabled people and for the prevention of diabetes.

We work with rural communities within the strategy of Popular Development. That involves the following: equipping communal centres with the necessary material, promoting family gardens; carrying out programs to promote women; making wells and building sewage systems; opening training workshops for young people; launching cultural initiatives.

Social rehabilitation of political prisoners: In order to support the groups of Palestinian men and women who leave Israeli prisons, we offer training programs in the computing area. We also help monitor each case in court, to guarantee that the rights of political prisoners are respected.


Palestina– Health Work Committees (HWC)

– Alternative Information Center (AIC)

– Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS)

– Psicosocial Counselling Center for Women (PCCW)

– Spafford Children Center

– Oasis Workshop

– Union of Health Care Committees

– International Palestinian Youth League