From our point of view, Cooperating with the South means:

giving back, as opposed to patronising ideas of donation and aid;
offering solidarity, not compassion;
putting up resistance, to face the neoliberalism that destroys communities, people and liberating projects;
helping popular movements in their fight for social justice and freedom;
supporting the emancipation of people against economic globalisation and the neoliberal order.

And always with the utmost respect, not through cultural colonialism and the imposition of economic and social models.

This concept of Cooperation is reflected in several areas of activity, and structured in the territorial scope around two axes:

  • An economic axis based on endogenous development and Popular Economies.
  • A democratic axis based on citizens’ participation and the strengthening of municipalities.

The axes mentioned above are, in turn, part of three cross axes:

Joining forces

CooperaciónCooperaciónWe carry out each and every initiative in the South in collaboration with local organisations, with men and women from indigenous, peasant and poor urban communities; populations that have returned to their land or have taken refuge somewhere else; cooperative members; popular leaders; women’s groups; groups of family guidance and support; popular research centres; Human Rights associations; personnel of the health and education areas; town councils and local public institutions.